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Ulovane update: April Trails Guide Group Week 6

24 May

Life as a trainee Trails Guide: TRACKS & TRACKING Ulovane Update: This week was an incredible week, spent with one of the best trackers in the field, Louis Liebenberg from Cybertracker. Monday morning the group split into two, the one group started with tracking assessments, while the others continued with walks on Kariega. The days […]

Ulovane update: April Trails Guide Group Week 3

03 May

Life as a trainee Trails Guide: On foot and ready explore, learn and focus! Ulovane update: With our Advanced Rifle Handle qualifications under our belts we were looking forward to getting out into the bush, in amongst the all the animals. We set out early Monday morning, with one group walking with Pieter and the […]

Ulovane Update: September Level one Group Week 6

09 Nov

Life as a trainee Field/nature/safari guide: Rocking Reptiles & Beautiful Birds! Ulovane update: After coming back from a weekend of personal time, everyone was re-energised and re-focused on starting the second half of the course. Mondays saw the remainder of a storm pass over, so we stayed indoors and did our first set of bird […]

Ulovane update: April Level one course Week 5

18 May

Life as a trainee guide: Look alive – it’s week five! Halfway… dum dum duuuuuum… Ulovane update: We said a sad goodbye (with chocolate cake of course!) to our ever smiling, silverback male, Nils Jungblut. We will miss you dearly! But out with the old, means in with the new. A brave soul joined our happy family […]

Ulovane Update: September Trails Guides Week 6

11 Nov

Life as a Trainee Trails Guide: A Week of Tracks and Rifles The first few days of the week were mainly spent on some self-study due to the rain keeping us indoors and unable to go out on foot. The students knew that the tracking and advanced rifle handling assessments were coming up later in […]