Hidden Gem

Situated in the heart of South Africa, in the diverse Eastern Cape. 

Our base provides access to diverse ecosystems – from coastal habitats to expansive game reserves. This location serves as an optimal backdrop for immersive learning experiences, enabling participants to study nature and wildlife in their natural habitats.

At Ulovane, our base is more than a location; it’s the epicenter of transformative experiences. With a backdrop of diverse ecosystems, our USPs come to life, creating a learning environment that is immersive, impactful, and deeply connected to the natural world. 



Embracing Change, Uniting Conservation Passion

Ulovane Environmental Training has been a beacon of excellence in providing comprehensive, field-guide, and nature training programs for almost 20 years years. Nestled amidst the pristine landscapes of the Eastern Cape in South Africa, we have been passionately committed to nurturing the next generation of conservationists and ecotourism professionals.

Since our inception, our dedicated team of instructors, naturalists, and mentors have instilled a deep love and respect for the environment, fostering a profound connection between humans and nature. Our students have gained valuable knowledge and skills and have been inspired to become custodians of the earth, driven by the desire to conserve and protect its magnificent biodiversity.

Ulovane is embracing a transformative journey as we move forward, evolving to meet the ever-changing demands of the conservation and ecotourism industry. 

At Ulovane, we take pride in our commitment to delivering cutting-edge conservation education and experiences. As a leader in his field, Schalk brings a wealth of expertise to the table. With a diverse background spanning conservation biology, ecology, sustainable development, and more, Schalk ensures that our students and guests receive top-notch training and holistic perspectives on conservation and environmental stewardship.

Drawing on 25 years of experience and a profound passion for the natural world, Schalk leads the way in inspiring the next generation of conservationists. Through innovative teaching methods and a deep understanding of the complexities of conservation, he empowers our students and guests to become true advocates for our planet’s well-being.

Passion is our driving force. From tracking avian behavior on Bird Island to walking with rhinos and cheetahs, each experience is crafted with an unwavering commitment to environmental education. Our passion translates into purpose, creating leaders who champion conservation and sustainable living.

Schalk & Candice’s vision for Ulovane is to cultivate a community of driven individuals who share a common goal: to protect and preserve the world’s biodiversity.

In the heart of the untamed Eastern Cape, where the golden sun meets the rugged landscapes, a unique journey unfolds. Welcome to Ulovane, a sanctuary of learning, discovery, and transformation.

Our Mission: 

At Ulovane, we’re driven by a mission that goes beyond education. Our purpose is to ignite a passion for conservation that transcends boundaries. We believe that by nurturing a deep connection between people, wildlife, and the environment, we can safeguard our planet’s future.

Our Values: 

Passion for the Wild: Our love for the wild runs through every fiber of our being. We’re devoted to sharing this passion with others, inspiring them to recognize the beauty and vulnerability of our natural world.

Excellence in Education: We hold ourselves to the highest standards of education. Our dedicated instructors are not just teachers; they’re mentors, guides, and advocates for conservation.

Community of Changemakers: Ulovane is more than a training institution; it’s a community of like-minded individuals who believe in the power of collective action. We empower our students, alumni, and partners to become true ambassadors for positive change.

Field Guide Association of Southern Africa (FGASA)

Ulovane Environmental Training is an accredited training and assessment provider under the Field Guides Association of Southern Africa (FGASA). Our facilitators have the up-to-date FGASA, *CATHSSETA, and *ETQA qualifications to provide your training needs. We have built up a great relationship and reputation with FGASA for twenty years and they can be contacted for a reference at any time.

*CATHSSETA – the Culture Art Tourism Hospitality and Sports Sector Education and Training Authority established under the Skills Development Act (No 97 of 1998) [the Skills Act] for the Tourism, Hospitality, and Sports Economic Sector.

* ETQA – Education and Training Quality Assurance