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Ulovane update: January Level One group Week 5

22 Feb

Life as a trainee Field Guide: Moving out of your comfort zone Ulovane Blog: This week started off with a few amazing sightings, starting with a crash of rhinos chasing away the two lion cubs. It was a pretty great experience being able to see two of the most beautiful animals and also two members […]

Ulovane Update: April Level One Week 9

18 Jun

Life as a trainee Field Guide: All good things come to an end Ulovane update: As we get towards the end of course we’re winding down our last assessment drives. Which for me means the end of my self imposed exile in my tent. It hasn’t been all bad though as I’ve often had the […]

Press Release: Ulovane Environmental Training

20 Feb
Ulovane Field G (150)

PRESS RELEASE: 2015 Ulovane Environmental Training celebrates 10 Years of LASTING LIFE CHANGING EXPERIENCES   In February 2005, ten years ago, while George W Bush was preparing for his second term in office as the 43rd US President of the United States of America and Jacob Zuma was being relieved of his duties as the […]

Ulovane Update: January Level one group Week 2

03 Feb
Andy Gtown

Ulovane update: We have two updates this week, huge thanks to James and Raymond. We chose to split the group of 16 into two, so that they may get to spend time on both Ulovane (Amakhala Game Reserve) and Intaka (Kariega Game Reserve). Life as a trainee guide: The beautiful thing about learning is that […]

Ulovane Update: September Level One Group Week 6

10 Nov

Life as a trainee field guide: Improvise……. Ulovane Update. As we rolled into the 6th week of our training course, we kicked things off with our regular Monday madness exam which consisted of trees, flowers and grasses. Stress levels were through the roof as per usual but we managed to give it our best!! To […]