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Reconnecting with Nature

“Be purposeful about putting yourself in a stimulating environment where your creativity can take flight. ”― Germany Kent

That first day… Heavy suitcase, scared and so ready for anything I could explode, my first time flying alone and going somewhere unknown to me – a new journey about to begin towards a dream, a place where all adventures and ambitions become a reality. Where you can live your passion and be the over-exaggerated explorer that you are.
You cry, teach, learn, explore, learn, get mad, and super excited all in one day. Especially on a Sunday when writing exams.

The lecturers teach and show you new things and share their ideas with you. Driving on dirt roads with the smell of Sweet Thorn in your nostrils, adrenaline rushing through your veins when you’re the one behind the wheel busy guiding. The air whispering your name and the birds singing the songs of your heart, there are where the animals know how to play with your dreams.
Witnessing a kill, black back jackals eating while a Southern Pale Chanting Gosh Hawk is waiting patiently for the two jackals to finish and the juvenile keeps flying and screaming of hunger around his parents.
That moment when you’re at the right time at the right place seeing elephants playing in the water alongside the buffalo that are just staring at you, chewing some juicy grasses.

Spotting a Fish Eagle while in the tracker seat after almost falling off due to your driving buddy hitting the break a little too hard, being taught how to drive a huge car with no handbrake (almost had a heart attack), and going on early morning drives.
Chilling out with the doggos, Maia and Raggie, and the yummy food we eat thanks to uncle Jacques’ mad skills in the kitchen! Those little naughty monkeys sneaking into the lodge and stealing the bread … funny until you want to make a sandwich then well … not so much.
Learning about all the history of Amakhala and now knowing there was a massive river, a Bushman’s grave where two Khoisan were found. WHAT?! And a Dinosaur – Paranthadon Africanus … It’s sooo AMAAAAAZING!!!!! I also know about The Cape Super Group and the different minerals, soils, species, and groups found here on Amakhala Game Reserve.
It’s an absolutely beautiful, lovely, and astonishing place to be. The people you meet, they become your Ulovane family, especially our Ulovane mamma – Carine.
Lecturers – “To deserve success is more important than to achieve it.”

  • Schalk
  • Graeme

You guys are so special and just wow… no words to describe the amount of knowledge you both hold, and Candice, where to start – you are a Queen!
I’m loving every single moment here, like living the dream! Doing the Comprehensive One Year Guiding course and putting everything into it that I have.
Now and then catching a spider in the classroom… (funny how everyone freaks out) and putting it back in nature where it belongs, or showering with one eye on the Rain Spider.
Study. Study. Study. Just study whenever you can. STUUUUUDYYYYY!!!!!
The only way to success is through hard work and ambition.

With all honesty this course is tough, but those who endure most are also rewarded most as well as your thoughts and feelings manifest the outcome and results, so stay positive even when it’s hard to and not to depart from the path which fate has assigned you.
Another thing I learned on the first day is the only way to have a friend is by starting to be one.
There is actually no words nor description to show how fantabulous this place is.
Ulovane – 3 weeks in and still going strong! ♥
@ Cherene du Plessis.
Aka. Bush Panda

“If you’re reading this…
Congratulations, you’re alive.
If that’s not something to smile about,
then I don’t know what is.”
― Chad Sugg