Comprehensive Guide Course

Comprehensive 1 Year Guide Course

This option is one of the most beneficial and applicable choices to make for the individual who has chosen a future career in the tourism and guiding industry. You, the learner, will be immersed into 6 months of structured and focused learning of Apprentice Field Guide (NQF2), Apprentice Trails Guide, and Marine Guide skills courses. The courses are focused on coaching and developing the learner with the necessary guiding skills to be competent to enter the guiding industry at an introductory level. Upon successful completion of all three skills courses, Ulovane assists in the placement of the learner into the guiding industry for 6-months practical work experience. This opportunity provides a significant advantage to your career, allowing you to learn from mentors who have been in the workplace for many years. Making mistakes, finding your own personal guiding style, and learning from experienced leaders will allow you to practically apply all you have learned at Ulovane.

Qualification includes:

* Click on the links for more in-depth information on each course.

* Subject to terms and conditions

***There is a week break between the Apprentice Field and Apprentice Trails Guide courses, and a one-week break between the Apprentice Trails and Marine Guide courses.

Also included:

  • Accommodation for the duration of the course
  • Conservation Fees
  • All meals for the duration of the course
  • Uniform provided
  • All FGASA Fees (assessment, exam, subscription, registration, moderation, manuals, workbooks, logbooks, prescribed literature, and certification) for the duration of the course
  • Formal and Practical Tuition for all the subjects
  • Arranging Work Experience Placement for you
  • Conducting necessary FGASA liaison on your behalf, for the duration of your course


  • 11 October 2020 – 20 March 2021: Ulovane Campus Theory
    05 April 2021 for 6 Months lodge practical
  • 10 January – 19 June 2021: Ulovane Campus Theory
    01 July for 6 months lodge practical
  • 11 April – 18 September 2021: Ulovane Campus Theory
    01 October 2021 for 6 months lodge practical
  • 12 July – 18 December 2021: Ulovane Campus Theory
    01 January 2022 for 6 months practical



ZAR 194 500
AUSD 19 450
USD 13 375
EU 11 890
UKP 10 700


ZAR 215 895
AUSD 21 590
USD 14 850
EU 13 200
UKP 11 880

***All rates are subject to change

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