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Living at Ulovane was exactly what I needed




It’s been an intense 10 weeks, to be honest.

When I arrived, in July, I saw plants and birds and had no idea about anything I was seeing. I was freezing – FREEZING! I was tired. I was frustrated after more than a year of sitting at home, waiting for a break in COVID-19 restrictions to travel nearly two days to eventually get to Ulovane from Italy.
And now, here we are.
A whole lifetime of experiences later.
I have learned so, so much during this course. The amount of information that my brain absorbed is too much to describe, and the memories will last a lifetime. Living at Ulovane was exactly what I needed – whether it will bring me the job I am searching for or not, the course gave me so much more than that. Schalk, Piet, Tatum, Candice, Josh, and the students on the course have become more than just friends – sometimes they know me more than myself.
July 20
Someone asked me what my favorite moment here was. Between elephant sightings, finding hippo tracks, giving vervet monkeys those famous monkey eyes to mark the kitchen as mine, watching the broccoli and cauliflower grow in the veggie garden, shouting at the Spingbokkies to score, making homemade pasta, learning how to drive (again!) and taking my first real guests out during the assessment game drives… I have no idea. How can you choose one moment out of all of these? Impossible.
All I can say is that if you’re wondering whether to come here or not, if you’re hesitant and are not sure if it’s a good decision, trust me – it is. There is no place like this one and there is no time like the present. Just remember: write something about your day every day (time really does fly), be prepared to learn more than you ever have and, most importantly, LISTEN.

  • Margherita

“Sometimes the only way to ever find yourself is to get completely lost.”― Kellie Elmore