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Inspirational Woman in Eco Tourism Careers: Jennifer Gush

30 Aug
Jenn Gush

Jennifer has been a huge part of our journey since we started Ulovane way back in 2005. We have been neighbours, co-workers, friends and our children grew up exploring Brentwood farm together. 15 Years ago Jenn welcomed us into her home and life when we arrived in the Eastern Cape not knowing a soul, for […]

Inspirational Woman in Eco Tourism Careers: Taryn Ingram-Gillson

26 Aug
Taryn (2)

Highly motivated, strong, brave, patient and kind – this is one woman that has truly inspired us over the years. We have been working with Taryn for many years now and have always been so impressed by her positive attitude, her professionalism and her connection with nature. From starting out as a guide to now […]

Inspirational Woman in Eco Tourism Careers: Trish Sloan

19 Aug
Trish Sloan - Museum doing what she loves

We met Trish a couple of years ago when she joined us at Ulovane for our Savannah Guide Australia One Month Nature Experience. Inspirational, hard-working, fun, Trish was a breath of fresh air! She definitely inspired us woman and continues to inspire many others in the Eco-Tourism Industry, here is a little more about this […]