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Ulovane Update: July Semester Week 8

03 Sep
Lion Track

Marine Guides: Week 1 After a brief but well-rested break, myself, Wesly and Therien started on the first week of our four-week marine guide course in Boknesstrand, Cannon Rocks here in the Eastern Cape! The first week was a real eye-opener for the three of us newly appointed marine guides. Our first day out on […]

Ulovane Update: My Ulovane Experience

26 Sep
Shani final pic

Ulovane Update: 6 Months at Ulovane has changed my life I am one of the four students who did all 3 courses starting from being an April Field Guide and now ending in September as a Marine Guide. My heart is filled with both joy and grief that my time at Ulovane Environmental Training has […]

Ulovane Update: August Marine Group Week 3

19 Sep

Marine Magic Continues Ulovane update: 3 Weeks into the Marine course we are all still having huge fun learning about our marine environment. This third week started off with a road trip to Port Elizabeth, where we would be heading to St Croix island to see African penguins with Raggy Charters, doing a bit of […]

Ulovane update: November Marine Group Week 3

08 Dec

Life as a trainee Marine Guide: The circle of life! Ulovane update: The week started of with a snorkel at Cannon rocks and from there went to Kenton and saw some amazing marine life. After our diving escapades we headed back to camp where we started to prepare for our trip to Port Elizabeth with […]

A Whale of a time*

25 Jul
Last wave before they head out to sea!

Good Morning from a very cold and wet Eastern Cape. We have had over 90mm in the last 24 hours and the rain continues to fall – just as we thought summer was on its way! Luckily the students managed to come through to Port Alfred last week and enjoy a bit of snorkelling, deep sea […]