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Ulovane Update: September Level one Group Week 6

09 Nov

Life as a trainee Field/nature/safari guide: Rocking Reptiles & Beautiful Birds! Ulovane update: After coming back from a weekend of personal time, everyone was re-energised and re-focused on starting the second half of the course. Mondays saw the remainder of a storm pass over, so we stayed indoors and did our first set of bird […]

Ulovane update: July level one group Week 8

04 Sep

Life as a trainee Field Guide: Day by day we are getting closer to the end game! Monday, August 24. Ulovane update:  Week 8 of this amazing 10 week course begins! Our day starts with an epic game drive with Ralph, a very experienced guide, for the first time. The drive goes on like any […]

Ulovane Update: September level one Group Week 5

03 Nov

Life as a trainee guide: HALF WAY!! Ulovane Update: Monday morning, as has become the norm, saw our group sit the exam to test how well we had grasped the subjects of biomes, weather & climate and conservation management. I am sure we all have a better understanding of these and week after week a […]

Ulovane Update: July level Ones Week 6

19 Aug

Life as a trainee guide: The beauty of BIRDS & REPTILES Week 6 Ulovane update: Each week goes by with us not even noticing, as we keep studying the most interesting stuff. Unfortunately every once in a while there will be a test that will just put us our place and that was climate. When […]