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Ulovane update: July Trails Guide Group Week 3

04 Aug
Foto 3

Life as a trainee Trails Guide: Exciting times as the Walking begins…. Ulovane update: Even with adverse weather conditions, we all had a very enjoyable and educational week three. On Monday we started out with a test on rifle handling as we had continued advanced rifle handling practicals on ourย  usual test day, Sunday. Due […]

5 Reasons to join our Back Up Trails Guide Specialised Course

19 May
Ulovane Field G (44)

We often have prospective students, parents and sponsors ask us, why the Back up Trails Guide Qualification. We thought it would be best to come from a professional Trails Guide and our Lead Trainer for the Back up Trails Guide Qualification, Pieter Dunn. 1. Bush walks have become a very important section in the guiding […]

Ulovane Update: April Trails Guide Group Week 4

09 May

Life as a trainee Trails Guide: Logging hours on foot and Jungle Lane Ulovane update: This week was business as usual. Apart for half the group falling ill with tick bite fever, the rest of us had a fantastic time. Our focus was on clocking up hours and encounters in order to qualify for our […]