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Ulovane Update: January 2018 Field Guides & March Marine Guides

12 Mar

Ulovane Update: January 2018 Field Guides Week 8 This week began with me-time on Sunday afternoon after having a big plate of cooked food. We all went out on our different paths looking for a nice place to camp for the night on Ulovane. We were off for our 24 hours in the bush. Most […]

Ulovane update: November Marine Guide Week 1

24 Nov

Life as a trainee Marine Guide: Marine Magic adventures Ulovane update: Early in the week we tried to get into our new wetsuit that was quite a mission at least at the beginning. Once we managed to squueze into them, we all looked very professional and we were ready for the chilly waters.  A new exciting […]

Ulovane Update: June Marine Group Week 2

17 Jun

Life as a trainee Marine Guide: Deep Sea Fishing Fun Ulovane update: This second week of Marines has been an eventful one. We started the week off by meeting up with a gentleman from Yorkshire UK called Dave. He took us out on his boat for our first deep sea fishing excursion. This was my […]

Ulovane Update: June Marine Course Week 1

09 Jun

Life as a trainee Marine Guide: Octopus……..the John Wayne of the Ocean Ulovane update: Most of us have started the Marine course as complete newbies, knowing only that the sea is water, the sand is land, on the rocks are plants and the moving things are animals. Little did we know that the rules in the […]