Ulovane Update: October Field Guides Week 9 and November Marines Week 2

05 Dec

Field Guides The week that has passed was filled with fear, excitement, tears and joy as we went through assessment game drives. This is the moment we have all been waiting for; what it feels like to become a field guide. It was an exciting and nerve wracking experience, and I think everyone dealt with it […]

Ulovane Update: August Marine Guides Week 2 and 3

17 Sep

Ulovane Update: Marine Guides Week 2 We kicked off Monday with Marine Mammals lecture, so cool! Just some of the species we covered were seals, whales, manatees, sea otters and polar bears. Yes polar bears are considered marine mammals – Polar Bears are the only bear species to be considered marine mammals. In fact the […]

Ulovane Update: August Marine Course week 1 & 2

10 Sep

Life as a trainee Marine Guide: Sea, Surf and Goggles! Ulovane update: It has been amazing having a change of scenery. From the bush to a roaring ocean. Schalk has helped us to see so much more than just the sea and the sand, he has enhanced our knowledge of the ocean, the life that […]

Ulovane Update: June Marine Course Week 1

10 Jun

Week 1 of Exploring the Marine environment! Ulovane update: So first week of the Marine Guiding course draws to a close and what a week it’s been. We literally ran straight from trails guiding into Marine having had an awesome graduation night at Intaka Lodge – our base for the next four weeks. Monday and […]