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Ulovane Update: April Field Guides Week 8 and May Marines Week 1

04 Jun
Coffee break

Ulovane Update: Field Guides Our week 7 was honestly one of the best weeks that I personally had with my fellow field guides because we were able to spend some really fun times together on our little getaway. It all started on the Monday where we set off to a place called Mansfield which is […]

Ulovane Update: June 2017

24 Jul

Ulovane Update: June 2017 Ulovane Update  Better Late than Never! Huge apologies in getting this newsletter out! It was a crazy month of June and a time out was much needed! Enjoy the updates and photos, they are amazing! We said farewell to our 3 Savannah guides who joined us for the four week Nature […]

Ulovane update: March Marine Group Week 3

31 Mar

Life exploring the ocean, rivers, beaches and beauty! Ulovane update: It has come to the end of week three and it’s time to start exams and practical assessments. This course is rushing by far too quickly! We have been blessed with what we have been abel to see and do. Ranging from walks along the […]