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Ulovane Update: Field and Backup Trails Guides Week 4

08 May
Wes 126

Backup Trails Guides Another amazing week of walking through the bush on Amakhala Game Reserve! We started the week in the classroom with lectures specifically aimed at learning how to approach animals on foot, animal diseases and incident and crime scene management. Three very different but equally important topics. Something that was especially interesting for […]

Ulovane update: October Field Guide group Week 8

02 Dec

Life as a trainee Field Guide: The beginning of the end. The first photo I took this week. This is the work of a spider hunting wasp!   Itโ€™s been a wonderful week, we started off learning about trees, grasses and flowers. Most people are not really interested in plant life when going on a […]

Ulovane Update: October Field Guide Group Week 7

23 Nov

Life as a Trainee Field Guide: Living, learning and loving every minute. Ulovane update: This was one amazing, fun and wacky week! We started off with lectures and presentations on mammals, personally one of my favourite subjects. Another very important subject we covered was conservation management. Combining these two subjects we went out exploring Amakhala […]

Ulovane update: September Level one group Week 8

23 Nov

Life as a trainee Field Guide: Ulovane update: Week eight had us prep for an epic dinner night!ย Shani excited by the thought of an early Christmas had the British version of the San Bushman AKA Keith and Cameron, sent out to fell a tree greater than Norway’s gift to Trafalgar Square. Deploying new found conservation […]

Ulovane update: July Level one Group Week 7

24 Aug

Life as a trainee Fieldย Guide:ย Preparing for our assessments Ulovane update: Week 7 started with 2 game drives on Monday morning, we split into 2 groups at the ACC (Amakhala Conservation Center) and headed off in search of some of the amazing animals that we have here in South Africa! The focus has been on practice […]