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Ulovane Update: January Field & Backup Trails Guides Week 4

13 Feb

Ulovane Update: January Field & Backup Trails Guides Week 4 Trails Guides “In every walk with nature, one receives far more than he seeks.” We’re already passed the half way mark of the backup trails course and I can’t believe it! Wow, how time has flown by. This week was a challenging one, from testing our […]

Ulovane Update: September Level one group Week 4

27 Oct

Life as a trainee field guide: Determined Toads and Communicating trees Ulovane update: 4×4 driving. Finally! Everybody seemed to enjoy to sit behind the steering wheel and take responsibility. We did day-drives and we also went on night drives. And all of us had the opportunity to drive and got the feeling. It’s actually quite overwhelming […]

Ulovane Update: April Level one Group Week 6

26 May
Happy Daze

Life as a trainee field guide: 6 Weeks on and we are family! Ulovane update: Week six has kicked off and we had an awesome week of birding and frogging with one day of extreme birding. We had two hours to identify as many bird species as possible, which was an awesome challenge. To think that six […]

Ulovane update: January level one group Week 4

17 Feb

Life as a trainee guide: Everyday is an exciting step towards our Level one Qualification! Ulovane Update: This week we worked on Fish, Amphibians, and Reptiles. The first day we worked on the theory of Amphibians and learn’t about the difference between frogs and toads, where to look for them and how to identify them. […]

Ulovane Update: April Level One Week 3

05 May

Life as a trainee guide: Week 3 Ulovane Update: Road trip to Grahamstown, frogging and fishing! This week we came back from an awesome and luxurious week at Intaka and Kariega. This week was particularly focused on academics, with the group completing four modules for the final exam: Arthropods, Amphibians, Reptiles and Fish.         […]