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Ulovane Update: April 2018 Field & Backup Trails Guides Week 5

16 May

Ulovane Update: Field Guides We are already halfway through our new adventure and Ulovane life is fantastic! Week 5 we started with an early morning walk, our focus was Botany. This subject sparked the interest of many, we were split up into teams which had to come up with various substances and their medical properties. […]

Ulovane Update: January 2018 Field & Backup Trails Guides Week 5

19 Feb

Ulovane update: Field Guides Week 5 Week five marks the half way point of our FGASA Field Guide journey with this week’s focus being on Botany – Trees, Shrubs and Flowers. Since arriving at Ulovane, we haven’t stopped learning and what better place than to learn than in the middle of the Eastern Cape bush. […]

Ulovane Update: The Aardvark Cucumber

16 Mar

Ulovane Update Instructors Blog: The Aardvark Cucumber Previously we have looked at the amazing diversity of relationships the Aardvark has with many animals. Animal species which are completely dependent on the Aardvark’s burrows for denning with their young include Spotted and Brown Hyena, Wild Dogs, Jackals, Bat-eared Fox, Porcupine, South African Shelduck, Ant-eating Chats and […]

Ulovane Update: Level one group Week 4

03 Aug
Lion tracks

Life as a trainee Field Guide: Enthusiasm is Key! Ulovane update: As the first rays of sunlight caught the frost firmly set across the plains below Ulovane, we knew two things: finally we would see some good weather and get a chance to defrost; and, ominously, that possibly the most complex theory test we’d face […]

Ulovane Update: September level one Group Week 5

03 Nov

Life as a trainee guide: HALF WAY!! Ulovane Update: Monday morning, as has become the norm, saw our group sit the exam to test how well we had grasped the subjects of biomes, weather & climate and conservation management. I am sure we all have a better understanding of these and week after week a […]