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Ulovane Update: September Semester Week 4

30 Oct
Justin Week 4 (2)

Apprentice Trails Guides Jenna is with us here at Ulovane for the full-year course. She joined us as she has a huge love for the bush and would like to pursue a career as a guide with the aim of moving up to lodge management. Jenna is on the Apprentice Trails Guide course now, and […]

Wildlife Wednesday: The Secretary Bird

24 Jul
Sem secretary bird

Wildlife Wednesday: The Secretary Bird The 2019 Bird of the Year! Some might describe this as one of Africa’s most interesting looking birds, with a head that resembles an eagle, but powerfully built, long bare looking legs that one would associate with storks! It is; however, a bird of prey and it belongs to a […]

Ulovane update: April Level One Group Week 5

16 May

Life as a trainee Field Guide: You live and you learn Ulovane update: Once again a busy week on Amakhala Game Reserve developing our guiding skills and knowledge! The sleep out Our sleep out was on Amakhala Game Reserve in a beautiful milk wood forest. At the start of the day the vehicles were packed […]