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Ulovane Update: October 2018 Field and Backup Trails Guides Week 6

13 Nov

After a peaceful weekend in Jeffrey’s Bay for most of our field guide students, week 6 brought many challenges and learning opportunities. With everyone coming back from their weekend off well rested and ready for the last half of the course, we’ve been incredibly lucky with everything that this week has brought us. Bianca and […]

Ulovane Update: August Marine Guides Week 2 and 3

17 Sep

Ulovane Update: Marine Guides Week 2 We kicked off Monday with Marine Mammals lecture, so cool! Just some of the species we covered were seals, whales, manatees, sea otters and polar bears. Yes polar bears are considered marine mammals – Polar Bears are the only bear species to be considered marine mammals. In fact the […]

Tamara Hoskyns

14 Mar

When did you finish at Ulovane and briefly tell us what you have been doing since then? I left in December 2013. I have had the privilege of working and travelling in wilderness areas since I left Ulovane. Email Address –

Ulovane Update: April Level One Group Week 1

19 Apr
Sunrise Nicola

Life as a trainee Field Guide: First Aid and Driving skills excitement! Our first week is over now, and it is already unbelievable what we have learned up until now. Ulovane update: It all started on April 11th with an Introduction to being a Nature Guide and principles around Amakhala Game Reserve. Our group started […]