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Ulovane Update : Week 5 July 2013 group

20 Aug
Brrr winter chills guides

Life as a Trainee Field Guide: HALF WAY!! This week we ventured off into the freezing depths of the Bushman’s River, to try and see what different types of species occurred. We started off at hippo pools, where we tried our luck at a bit of light hearted fishing. We caught nothing. Egos still intact […]

Ulovane Update: Week 4 Update

13 Aug

Life as a Field Guide student : Getting into the swing of things This week our focus changed to the more sedentary style of forms of life. Trees, grasses, and wild flowers. Trees (or bushes) requires a modicum of patience, as the ability to identify them needs time and quite a bit of observational skills. […]

Ulovane Update: Week 3 Update

07 Aug
Field Guides Ulovane

Life as a Field Guide student : Conservation Management This week we learnt more about conservation management and practiced the skill of removing blue bush from root to tip as part of bush encroachment, We also cleared along the edge of a trail which was overgrown with needle bush to make it easier and safer […]