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Ulovane Update: August Marine Course week 1 & 2

10 Sep

Life as a trainee Marine Guide: Sea, Surf and Goggles! Ulovane update: It has been amazing having a change of scenery. From the bush to a roaring ocean. Schalk has helped us to see so much more than just the sea and the sand, he has enhanced our knowledge of the ocean, the life that […]

Ulovane Update: July Level Ones Week 8

01 Sep

Life as a trainee guide: Final preparations, Real guests and the soaring Marshall Eagle! The Jackal -Buzzard team is back with our weekly news, Ulovane Update: After a great tracking experience at the beginning of the week with Kyle and Piet, we have been preparing for our Final Assessment drives. After a wet and stormy […]

Ulovane Update: July Level one Week 7

27 Aug
July Trails Guide

Life as a trainee Field Guide: The end is in site and its time to knuckle down and go for gold! Ulovane Update: Team Jackal Buzzard have made it through the seven week barrier and the final exams are finally in sight. Week seven really was a roller coaster of a week, so completely normal […]

Ulovane Update: July level Ones Week 6

19 Aug

Life as a trainee guide: The beauty of BIRDS & REPTILES Week 6 Ulovane update: Each week goes by with us not even noticing, as we keep studying the most interesting stuff. Unfortunately every once in a while there will be a test that will just put us our place and that was climate. When […]

Ulovane Update: July Trails Guide Week 5 & 6

18 Aug

Life as a trainee Trails Guide: Knowledge is power! Week 5! Wow……..well as they say times flies when you are having fun. This week our group was on Kariega Game reserve. On Tuesday, Cristina and I tracked down the lions. No doubt the lion was aware of us, as we sat quietly watching him; he […]