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Ulovane Update: January 2020 Semester Week 1

22 Jan
Mouse sitting

Apprentice Field Guides: Week 1 It is great to be back!! We trust you will enjoy another year of Ulovane Updates with us! Adriaan & Megan are from South Africa and are both with us for the one year course! They are here this week to tell you all about their introduction to Ulovane and […]

Ulovane Update: Trainers Blog

20 Dec

Ulovane Update: There is Always Hope It is Christmas time – A time filled with love, peace, laughter, family and HOPE. HOPE for planet earth, HOPE for mother nature, HOPE for the oceans and HOPE for us humans as a species. Every day we hear and see so many negative things. We hear about climate […]

Ulovane Update: September Semester Week 11

16 Dec

Marine Guides: Final Week of the September Semester Jenna is wrapping up the end of her 6-month journey here at Ulovane! You last heard from her during their Apprentice Trails Guide course, and she now has a lovely account of her journey with us; have a read on to the wonderful memories she has shared! […]

Ulovane Update: Trainers Blog

11 Dec

Wildlife Wednesday: Gift of life – The season of babies I have decided to go with this title due to the last few weeks I have found the development of babies one of a very fascinating topic. There is so much change that happens over short time periods and at different stages different developments take […]

Ulovane Update: September Semester Week 10

10 Dec
Francois week 3 (2)

Apprentice Field Guides: Time for Goodbye! Chris, from the United Kingdom, joined us for and successfully completed our 10-week Apprentice Field Guide course. He was referred to Ulovane Environmental Training by a student who did her Apprentice Field Guide course through us and now works at one of the lodges as a guide on Amakhala […]