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Inspirational Woman in Eco Tourism Careers: Trish Sloan

19 Aug
Trish Sloan - Museum doing what she loves

We met Trish a couple of years ago when she joined us at Ulovane for our Savannah Guide Australia One Month Nature Experience. Inspirational, hard-working, fun, Trish was a breath of fresh air! She definitely inspired us woman and continues to inspire many others in the Eco-Tourism Industry, here is a little more about this […]

Ulovane Update November 2017

04 Dec
Robert conducting drive

Ulovane Update: November 2017 Newsletter Welcome to the November Ulovane Update. November is always a tough month! The end of the year is in sight and everyone is trying to finish off the year. This is the time when focus and calmness are needed. I have to say we pulled it off and I am […]

Ulovane Update: October Field Guide Group Week 9

06 Dec

Life as a trainee Field Guide: After 9 weeks at Ulovane, it all comes down to the last week of giving our all! Ulovane update: Week 9 at Ulovane was yet another outstanding week! We are nearing the end and it is scary how fast this course has gone and how much knowledge we’ve all been able […]

Ulovane Update: October Field Guide Group Week 7

23 Nov

Life as a Trainee Field Guide: Living, learning and loving every minute. Ulovane update: This was one amazing, fun and wacky week! We started off with lectures and presentations on mammals, personally one of my favourite subjects. Another very important subject we covered was conservation management. Combining these two subjects we went out exploring Amakhala […]

Ulovane Update: Savannah Guides August wrap up

20 Sep

Savannah Guides final update from the August Experience Ulovane update: It has been two weeks since our guests from Savannah Guides returned home to Cairns in Queensland Australia and we sure do miss them! 2017 is looking for exciting for Ulovane Environmental Training and Savannah guides. We will be offering 4 intakes throughout the year, […]