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Ulovane Update: My Ulovane Experience by Kristin Mace

27 Oct

My Ulovane Experience: April 2017 Ten Week Field Guide Course I was one of the lucky ones to attend the 10-week level one course at Ulovane in April 2017. I know that people say this time and time again when reviewing something or writing a testimonial but in this case, I have to say it […]

Ulovane Update: Marine Conservation Issues

13 Oct
Great white shark

Ulovane Update: Marine Conservation issues The topic on everybody’s lips now when it comes to the world’s oceans, is PLASTIC. Let us start our discussion today on that – plastic. Plastic of all sorts and sizes and its effect on our oceans and wildlife and US!!! Full scale of plastic in the world’s oceans revealed […]

Ulovane Update: Acquiring Essential Life Skills through Guiding

01 Sep

Instructors Blog : Acquiring Essential Life Skills through Guiding Ulovane update: I was asked to write about anything I find interesting about training field guides at Ulovane. What I find most interesting about training field guides, strangely enough, is not the wonders of nature, but the life skills that a career in guiding together with […]

Ulovane update: May Marine Guide Course Week 1

07 Jun

Life as a trainee Marine Guide: Birding, Snorkelling, Exploring…yes this is a course! Ulovane update: Week one is already over. We started our wonderful and exciting marine course on Monday with a stroll on the Boknes beach, where we did our first shell and ocean life identifications. This coastline is incredible and the perfect place […]

Ulovane update: November Marine Guide Week 1

24 Nov

Life as a trainee Marine Guide: Marine Magic adventures Ulovane update: Early in the week we tried to get into our new wetsuit that was quite a mission at least at the beginning. Once we managed to squueze into them, we all looked very professional and we were ready for the chilly waters.  A new exciting […]