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Ulovane Update: The Aardvark Cucumber

16 Mar

Ulovane Update Instructors Blog: The Aardvark Cucumber Previously we have looked at the amazing diversity of relationships the Aardvark has with many animals. Animal species which are completely dependent on the Aardvark’s burrows for denning with their young include Spotted and Brown Hyena, Wild Dogs, Jackals, Bat-eared Fox, Porcupine, South African Shelduck, Ant-eating Chats and […]

Ulovane update: What is in a name?

11 Oct

Instructors Blog: How Ulovane Environmental Training got its name. Ulovane update: Names are important, without names the world would be a very confusing place. Imagine a world where nothing had a name; nothing had a place and nothing fit in anywhere. As humans, we like to put things into boxes and to live lives which are planned […]

Ulovane Update: September Bird Guide Week 1 Instructors Blog

14 Sep

Instructors Blog Eastern Cape: A Twitcher’s Paradise Ulovane update: A few weeks ago we started discussing various components of the Eastern Cape and what makes it such a spectacular place to guide in. In my first piece, I discussed all the pros and cons regarding bush walks, one of my passions in the bush. Today I want […]

Ulovane Update: Acquiring Essential Life Skills through Guiding

01 Sep

Instructors Blog : Acquiring Essential Life Skills through Guiding Ulovane update: I was asked to write about anything I find interesting about training field guides at Ulovane. What I find most interesting about training field guides, strangely enough, is not the wonders of nature, but the life skills that a career in guiding together with […]

Ulovane Update: Australia meets South Africa….let the guiding begin!

30 Aug
shani (7)

Instructors Blog: Meet our fabulous new friends from the “Land down under” Ulovane update: Today, exactly two weeks ago we had the pleasure to meet Russel Boswell; Ivor Davies; Gerry Collins and Bram Collins from Savannah Guides Australia. They have finally arrived! Getting our new friends here has been a long process over many Skype chats […]