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Ulovane Update: Marine Conservation Issues

13 Oct
Great white shark

Ulovane Update: Marine Conservation issues The topic on everybody’s lips now when it comes to the world’s oceans, is PLASTIC. Let us start our discussion today on that – plastic. Plastic of all sorts and sizes and its effect on our oceans and wildlife and US!!! Full scale of plastic in the world’s oceans revealed […]

Ulovane update: October Field Guide group Week 8

02 Dec

Life as a trainee Field Guide: The beginning of the end. The first photo I took this week. This is the work of a spider hunting wasp!   It’s been a wonderful week, we started off learning about trees, grasses and flowers. Most people are not really interested in plant life when going on a […]

Ulovane Update: Local Community Benefits from Ulovane study Bursaries

21 Oct

LOCAL COMMUNITY BENEFITS FROM ULOVANE STUDY BURSARIES Ulovane update: A  field guide training facility in the Eastern Cape is upskilling members of the local community via a bursary program in an effort to improve effective, sustainable conservation and field guides in the area. “A key component for the sustainability of conservation is to get members […]

Ulovane Update: October Level one group Week 1

17 Oct

Life as a trainee Field Guide: Finding our feet Apologies for the delay in the week one blog, we are all caught up in the exciting times at Ulovane and working on our rhythm! Ulovane is Incredible! Ulovane update: Monday – With my usual 11am starts, a 6am morning game drive was a bit of […]

Ulovane Update: July Trails Group Week 4

04 Aug

Life as a trainee Trails Guide: Becoming one with Nature Ulovane update: As week 4 comes to an end , we have realized that we are over half way through the trails course.. It’s so sad how fast time is flying but it’s also been an amazing 4 weeks with an amazing group of people […]