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An incredible journey comes to an end, but actually, it is only the beginning

23 Mar
HP Week 8 (40)

Today we look back on a journey that was full of incredible experiences that moved us deeply and that we will never forget. We were apart of so many special experiences such as being present at two animal dartings on Amakhala Game Reserve. Having the privilege of being on the front line of a lion […]

Everything you need to know about the last 2 weeks at Ulovane!

08 Feb
Students climbing White Milkwood

Living an untroubled and exciting life close to wild animals in the heart of nature. Having lunch and a nap under a tree on a hot day. Somehow this sounds strange in these crazy times but believe me it is possible. Here at Ulovane you have unforgettable experiences and learn the most interesting things about […]

Ulovane Update June Semester Week 5

28 Jul
Ulovane FG

Apprentice Trails Guides Monday started off with a bang, literally, we completed the Jungle Lane exercises, it was a huge learning curve for me. I learned that my observational awareness is not very good under stressful situations and that I need to become more aware of how things add up around me. I realised that […]

Ulovane Update: January 2020 Semester Week 10

25 Mar
Marine Guides Maurice week 3

Apprentice Field Guides: Final Week Olivier joined us from France, for the Apprentice Field Guide course. He is going to return as soon as he can to join us for the Apprentice Trails Guide course too! For now, he has written an account for you all on his time here over the last ten weeks. […]

Ulovane Update: Field and Backup Trails Guides Week 4

08 May
Wes 126

Backup Trails Guides Another amazing week of walking through the bush on Amakhala Game Reserve! We started the week in the classroom with lectures specifically aimed at learning how to approach animals on foot, animal diseases and incident and crime scene management. Three very different but equally important topics. Something that was especially interesting for […]