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Ulovane Update: The succession of a female guide

09 Aug
Warrior woman

Ulovane update: Instructors Blog The Succession of female guides in the industry This is a SHOUT-OUT to all the LADIES in the industry – it doesn’t matter if you JUST STARTED your guiding career, or if you are still guiding, or if you have moved into some kind of management; training; conservation; marketing or rehabilitation […]

Ulovane update: July Trails Guide Group Week 4

08 Aug

Life as a trainee Trails Guide:  Eyes wide open, ears in tune, smell detector on…let’s go! Ulovane update: Monday arrives at the usual bright and early time of 05:30 or  06:00 depending on how quick you can get dressed, make coffee, drink said coffee, swallow some toast and get to the meeting point for 06:30 […]

Ulovane Update: Exciting Developments at Ulovane Campus

08 Aug

Ulovane update: Ulovane Campus is expanding!! A decision was made to consolidate Ulovane campus, by having all our students and trainers living together once again. We are adding two blocks of accommodation to our existing camp bordering Amakhala Game Reserve. Each block will consist of two very large rooms with bathroom facilities joining the two rooms […]

Ulovane update: July Trails Guide Group Week 2

26 Jul

Life as a trainee Trails Guide: Advance Rifle Handling Week Ulovane update: This week has been an absolute blast for everyone! The week started off slowly, that being because we had theory class but it was good and we all learnt a lot of new things. However, Tuesday was a lot more exciting because we were […]

Ulovane update: May Marine Guides Week 2

13 Jun

Life as a trainee Marine Guide: Life under the Sea! Ulovane update: This week, we started off with exciting lessons under the sea! YES Under the sea!  We went snorkelling in the beautiful rock-pools of Kenton, and we could not believe the amazing things we saw! At the beginning of the course, Kyle told us, […]