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Ulovane Update: January 2017

02 Feb
So special

Ulovane Update: January 2017 Newsletter Back with a bang!! The Ulovane Team kicked off 2017 with new energy and high spirits after a well deserved holiday over December. First on the list was to repaint and fix up the Field Guide rooms; clean; sweep; cut and more cleaning. All had to be spick and span […]

Ulovane update: October Level one Group Week 4

31 Oct

Life as a trainee Field Guide: Night Drive Excitement! Ulovane update: The night was chilly as we set off on our first night drive with Kyle. Full of anticipation, we packed our rucksacks to the brim with peanut butter/syrup sandwiches and the occasional apple. We set off. The night was full of cricketing crickets, croaking […]