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Ulovane Update: Level one Group Week 9

24 Mar

Life as a trainee Field Guide: This is not the end, it is only the begining Ulovane update: In the last nine weeks we have all had just the best time. For me, coming all the way from the dreary winter of the United Kingdom to the beautiful summer of the Eastern Cape was a […]

Ulovane Update: Chameleons

06 Mar

Unique Dwarf Chameleons Ulovane updateEveryone knows chameleons, but very few people grasp the iconic value of chameleons to Africa and particularly South Africa. Chameleons are not found world wide, but are restricted to Africa, Madagascar, some of Africa’s neighboring islands and the southern most fringes of Europe, Arabia and India. There are approximately 150 species […]

Ulovane Update: January level one Group Week 3

11 Feb

Life as a trainee guide: Happiness is connecting your life with Nature Ulovane update: Our week started off wet with a lot of rain which meant it was workbook time for us! We had to finish our two biggest units this week: birds and mammals. That is a lot of information to cover because the […]

2015 Ulovane Update: Level One’s Week 1

26 Jan

A huge warm welcome to our group of 16 Guides in Training!!! Welcome back to you all following our blog. We have missed sharing our stories and photos with you all. We are back and excited about 2015 and what lies ahead. Thank you for joining us and enjoy the ride. We also welcome back […]

Ulovane Update: July Level ones Week 9

11 Sep

Life as a trainee guide: The final countdown for team jackal buzzard Ulovane update: The 10 weeks are slowly (yet fast) coming to an end. Everybody finished their assessment drives (which was quite stressful I must say) and had a lot of fun doing them. Some of us did an awesome Rhino capture during those […]