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Ulovane update: July Level one Week 5

15 Aug

Life as a trainee Field Guide: Wildlife Babies everywhere!! On previous Saturday morning, all of us stood up around 4 o’clock in the morning to spot and see the constellation of Orion. When we went to bed again, barely rolled in our bedsheets, we all heard something strange going on down in the reserve: the […]

Ulovane Update: Guiding in the Eastern Cape

02 Aug

Ulovane update: Instructors Blog Guiding in the Eastern Cape (Part 1) A true African experience: The beautiful song of a Rufous-naped Lark proclaims the start of a new day as the sun appears over the horizon and the refreshing scent of wet dust creeps up your nostrils after the early morning drizzle. The bush awakens […]

Ulovane update: July Trails Guide Group Week 1

20 Jul
Pizza time

Ulovane update: A new course and a new beginning! Ulovane update: After finishing our Fgasa Level one course everyone headed off for a little well-deserved break before resuming our Trails Guide Training. Heading back to the bush, we were all being picked up at the airport and had a very warm welcome from two of our […]

Ulovane Update: July Level One Group Week 1

20 Jul

Life as a trainee Field Guide: A whole new World! Ulovane Update: We can not believe the first week is already gone ! The last days have been quite busy, our group is getting stronger as we learn to live together, it has been great getting to know each other. We all passed our First […]

Ulovane Update: May Marine Guide Course Week 3

21 Jun
Adel (6)

Life as a trainee Marine Guide: Experience’s that some people only dream of! Ulovane update: The past week can only be described in one word… FUN! It started off with our usual casual beach walks where we identified MORE new species! Even after so many visits to the beach, the ocean still teaches us something new every […]