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Ulovane Update: Level One group Week 2

25 Apr

Life as a trainee Field Guide: No two days are the same! Ulovane update: This week started out amazing! Astronomy lessons and a really nice dinner under the stars. We watched lightning roll in whilst sitting on  the top of Amakhala Game Reserve. I just love lying on the ground looking up in space feeling so small. […]

Ulovane Update: April Level One Group Week 1

19 Apr
Sunrise Nicola

Life as a trainee Field Guide: First Aid and Driving skills excitement! Our first week is over now, and it is already unbelievable what we have learned up until now. Ulovane update: It all started on April 11th with an Introduction to being a Nature Guide and principles around Amakhala Game Reserve. Our group started […]

Ulovane update: March Marine Guide Course Week 3

31 Mar
Lorenza final1

Ulovane update: Marine Magic exploring Algoe Bay Ulovane update: We were very excited to start our third week of marine course as Kyle, our marine guide and mentor. He planned a trip to Port Elizabeth for observing marine animals and birds on a different side of the coastline, but most of all about the trip […]

Ulovane update: March Bird Guide Course Week 2

29 Mar
Giant Kingfisher

Ulovane Update: Big Birders, Serious Business! Ulovane update: The second week of birding has come and gone and it has certainly had its fair share of ups and downs. Our first port-of-call was Assegai Trails, with the aim of finding African Crowned Eagle and other interesting birds among its slopes and crags. Sadly, it was […]

Ulovane updates: March Marine Guide course week 2

24 Mar

Life as a trainee marine guide – Seaweed Fishing! Ulovane update: This week we studied algae, invertebrates, fish, amphibians and reptiles. I can say that was a tough week but really interesting and exciting! Monday we finally got into the water, and saw some really cool stuff like the four-tone nudibranch, for those who don’t […]