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Ulovane update: September Bird Guide Group Week 2

19 Sep
Swee Waxbill

The Birding Madness continues Monday-Coastal Drive Ulovane Update: We did a coastal meander heading towards the Addo Elephant National Park area. Bird Island could be seen in the distance and the dunes of the Cape. We had some great bird sightings along the way including red-capped larks, grey-headed sparrows, bokmakieries, crowned lapwings, ant-eating chats, jackal […]

Ulovane update: July level one group Week 9

13 Sep

Life as a trainee Field Guide: This is not the end…..it is only the beginning of the rest of our guiding lives Ulovane update: Nine weeks have gone by too quickly and from your first day Ulovane seems like home, now as we see the inevitable departure, I can’t help feeling of disappointed that we cannot […]

Ulovane Update: September Bird Guide group Week 1

12 Sep
Puff adders mating

BIRDS, BINOS and BEAUTY Ulovane update: Sunday the September Bird Group met up with Pieter, our trainer. After a short talk on what to expect and what the program will be, we all settled in and we got to know each other better over dinner. Our group of four will be joined for the first […]

Ulovane Update: Australia meets South Africa….Introduction to African Mammals

08 Sep

Week 2: Introduction to African Mammals Ulovane update: On Sunday we moved from Intaka Lodge to Ulovane Campus bordering Amakhala Game Reserve, which will be our new home for the coming week. A busy week lay ahead, but we were all excited to spend it on the beautiful Amakhala Game Reserve. The boys from “Down […]

Ulovane update: July level one group Week 8

07 Sep

Life as a trainee Field Guide: Assessment Game drive time! Ulovane update: Once our muscles were exhausted, our skin sunburned, and our roads improved, the reality of the approaching assessment drives set in and a quiet tension settled over the Ulovane Campus. In a mere couple of days, we would have to use all that […]