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Ulovane Update: January 2017

02 Feb
So special

Ulovane Update: January 2017 Newsletter Back with a bang!! The Ulovane Team kicked off 2017 with new energy and high spirits after a well deserved holiday over December. First on the list was to repaint and fix up the Field Guide rooms; clean; sweep; cut and more cleaning. All had to be spick and span […]

Ulovane Update: April Level One Group Week 4

10 May

Life as a trainee Field Guide: Building Confidence every step of the way Ulovane update: Every week at Ulovane is exciting and this week was no different. Monday we spent in lectures on Botany (which includes trees, plants, wildflowers and grasses) who knew there was so much to learn and so interesting! Tuesday we were […]

Ulovane update: September Level one group Week 8

23 Nov

Life as a trainee Field Guide: Ulovane update: Week eight had us prep for an epic dinner night! Shani excited by the thought of an early Christmas had the British version of the San Bushman AKA Keith and Cameron, sent out to fell a tree greater than Norway’s gift to Trafalgar Square. Deploying new found conservation […]

Ulovane update: April Level one course Week 5

18 May

Life as a trainee guide: Look alive – it’s week five! Halfway… dum dum duuuuuum… Ulovane update: We said a sad goodbye (with chocolate cake of course!) to our ever smiling, silverback male, Nils Jungblut. We will miss you dearly! But out with the old, means in with the new. A brave soul joined our happy family […]

Ulovane Updates: April Level One Week 1

20 Apr
Some Ulovane Magic

Ulovane Update: Did you miss us?? We are back and ready to share more student experiences and amazing photos! A Huge welcome to our 16 strong April Level One group, enjoy everyday, before you know it, it is all over! A Warm Welcome and Busy 1st Week! My first week at Ulovane  … Nine more weeks […]