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Ulovane Update: January 2017

02 Feb
So special

Ulovane Update: January 2017 Newsletter Back with a bang!! The Ulovane Team kicked off 2017 with new energy and high spirits after a well deserved holiday over December. First on the list was to repaint and fix up the Field Guide rooms; clean; sweep; cut and more cleaning. All had to be spick and span […]

Ulovane update: October Level one Group Week 4

31 Oct

Life as a trainee Field Guide: Night Drive Excitement! Ulovane update: The night was chilly as we set off on our first night drive with Kyle. Full of anticipation, we packed our rucksacks to the brim with peanut butter/syrup sandwiches and the occasional apple. We set off. The night was full of cricketing crickets, croaking […]

Ulovane Update: Acquiring Essential Life Skills through Guiding

01 Sep

Instructors Blog : Acquiring Essential Life Skills through Guiding Ulovane update: I was asked to write about anything I find interesting about training field guides at Ulovane. What I find most interesting about training field guides, strangely enough, is not the wonders of nature, but the life skills that a career in guiding together with […]

Ulovane update: July Trails Guide Group Week 3

04 Aug
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Life as a trainee Trails Guide: Exciting times as the Walking begins…. Ulovane update: Even with adverse weather conditions, we all had a very enjoyable and educational week three. On Monday we started out with a test on rifle handling as we had continued advanced rifle handling practicals on our  usual test day, Sunday. Due […]

Ulovane update: July Level One group Week 3

01 Aug

Life as a trainee Field Guide: Time seems to lose its’ meaning when you’re living a surreal life. Ulovane update: Three weeks doesn’t feel like enough time to already have learnt as much as we have learnt, to have grown as much as we have grown, and to have experienced as much as we have […]