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Ulovane Update December 2017

22 Dec

Ulovane Update: December 2017 Newsletter Welcome to the final Ulovane Update for 2017. What an incredible year it has been!! Hopefully you have been able to keep up with our monthly newsletters. We have been blessed with many students, an amazing team, incredible wildlife sightings and pure blissful nature experiences. The last two weeks we wrapped […]

Ulovane Update: June 2017

24 Jul

Ulovane Update: June 2017 Ulovane Update  Better Late than Never! Huge apologies in getting this newsletter out! It was a crazy month of June and a time out was much needed! Enjoy the updates and photos, they are amazing! We said farewell to our 3 Savannah guides who joined us for the four week Nature […]

Ulovane Update: The Ulovane Collection

05 Oct

The Ulovane Collection Ulovane update: What is the best way to experience Ulovane, to show you! Let us show you the passionate people involved, the amazing experiences you will have and the beautiful places you will see. We pride ourselves on offering you exceptional courses with great success in creating knowledgeable, enthusiastic and ethical guides […]

Ulovane Update: July Level One Group Week 1

20 Jul

Life as a trainee Field Guide: A whole new World! Ulovane Update: We can not believe the first week is already gone ! The last days have been quite busy, our group is getting stronger as we learn to live together, it has been great getting to know each other. We all passed our First […]

Ulovane Update date: July level one group Week 3

29 Jul
African rock pigeons

Life as a trainee guide: Week 3 SLEEP OUTS ROCK! Ulovane Update: As we all sit down to cram for tomorrow’s Geology/Astronomy/Ecology exam, stress levels are high, but so are spirits. Bonds within the group are strengthening as we experience more each day together–with the occasional speed bump–still always resulting in good vibes at the […]