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Ulovane Update: January Level one Week 8

16 Mar

Life as a trainee Field Guide: Assessment time has arrived and the pressure is on! Ulovane update: On Monday we had our last day of official lectures. Shani gave a lecture on conservation management early in the morning. We then broke into groups to study Historical Human Habitation. Each group studied a portion of information […]

Ulovane Update: January 2014 Week 9

24 Mar

Life as a trainee guide: The final count down to the end of level one River cruise, cats and assessments Ulovane Update: This week was all about recovery and getting ready for the next round of assessment drives. Where some people are trying not to mess up their accomplishments of the first drive, others are […]

Ulovane Update: January 2014 Week 8

17 Mar
time out

Life as a trainee guide: Stress levels are high, but so is our Excitement! Ulovane Update: As we come closer towards the end, it was inevitable that we would eventually creep closer to finals week. Stress levels rise and fall as students study for upcoming theory and practical exams, and for many of us we […]

Ulovane Update: January 2014 Week 7

10 Mar
Rhombic Skaapsteker

Life as a Trainee Field Guide: BIRDS, Birds, BIRDS and Reptiles! Ulovane Update: This week was fully packed with birding and reptile activities, driving through Amakhala and Addo National Park. On Tuesday we have built two teams to compete in identifying birds by view and bird calls. The winning team was able to identify 61 […]