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Ulovane update: April Level one Group Week 7

30 May

Life as a trainee Field Guide: Another week closer to our assessment game drives! Ulovane update: We started our Week at the Intaka campus, as guests rather than trainee guides. The Trails Guides had to do their assessment walks- and we were their victims. So in two groups we discovered the Kariega reserve on foot. […]

Ulovane Update: July 2014 Level Ones Week 1 & 2

21 Jul

Greetings from the Eastern Cape! We have a fully energised group of level ones in camp and all are rearing to go! Wonderful to have a group of young people full of lustre for life and a great sense of humour! Here are some of the experiences so far……….. Life as a trainee guide: The […]

Ulovane Update: January 2014 Week 6

03 Mar
Tim Collage

Life as a Trainee Field Guide: WATCH AND LEARN *Ecology, mammals and animal behaviour. Ulovane Update: What better excuse to spend more time with some of Africa’s most famous animals? We saw elephants play fight and groups of giraffe (known as “towers of giraffe”) come together and fall apart. We spent time with Rhino’s while […]

Ulovane Update: Week 8 Life as a trainee Guide

06 Dec
Sunset Ulovane

Life as a trainee Field Guide: The end is close, what a journey it has been! After an awesome weekend at Kariega Game Reserve and in Port Alfred it was back to business first thing Monday morning. A very big week this week with our mock drives and first stage interviews! Many hours were spent […]

Ulovane Update: Week 5 Life as a trainee field guide

12 Nov
red lipped herald eating bubbling kassina

Life as a Trainee Field Guide, October 2013 10 Week group: TEAM WORK   As well as finding many cool creatures this week, we also got to work with well known safari vet William Fowlds in an attempt to dart and capture five buffalo.  The task proved to be very difficult, as each animal took […]