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Ulovane Update: April level one group Week 6

23 May

Life as a trainee Field Guide: BIRDS, Birds and more Birds! Ulovane update: We started the week with a morning game drive in Amakhala, with a beautiful sunrise escaping the morning cloud to shine our way down past olive grove…. we then found a large amount of blood with little evidence suggesting the event that took […]

Ulovane Update: April Level One Group Week 4

10 May

Life as a trainee Field Guide: Building Confidence every step of the way Ulovane update: Every week at Ulovane is exciting and this week was no different. Monday we spent in lectures on Botany (which includes trees, plants, wildflowers and grasses) who knew there was so much to learn and so interesting! Tuesday we were […]

Ulovane update: March Marine Guide Course Week 3

31 Mar
Lorenza final1

Ulovane update: Marine Magic exploring Algoe Bay Ulovane update: We were very excited to start our third week of marine course as Kyle, our marine guide and mentor. He planned a trip to Port Elizabeth for observing marine animals and birds on a different side of the coastline, but most of all about the trip […]

Ulovane Update: July Level ones Week 9

11 Sep

Life as a trainee guide: The final countdown for team jackal buzzard Ulovane update: The 10 weeks are slowly (yet fast) coming to an end. Everybody finished their assessment drives (which was quite stressful I must say) and had a lot of fun doing them. Some of us did an awesome Rhino capture during those […]

Ulovane Update: January 2014 Week 6

03 Mar
Tim Collage

Life as a Trainee Field Guide: WATCH AND LEARN *Ecology, mammals and animal behaviour. Ulovane Update: What better excuse to spend more time with some of Africa’s most famous animals? We saw elephants play fight and groups of giraffe (known as “towers of giraffe”) come together and fall apart. We spent time with Rhino’s while […]