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Ulovane update: March Bird Guide Course Week 2

29 Mar
Giant Kingfisher

Ulovane Update: Big Birders, Serious Business! Ulovane update: The second week of birding has come and gone and it has certainly had its fair share of ups and downs. Our first port-of-call was Assegai Trails, with the aim of finding African Crowned Eagle and other interesting birds among its slopes and crags. Sadly, it was […]

Ulovane Update: March Bird Guide Group Week 1

21 Mar

Busy Birders! Good day all Ulovane update: The first week of birding, and truly it has been an adventure unlike any other. The week began with our group, made up of myself, TY (Goku), Jean Luke (nickname Sensei), Alberto (Albatross) and our ever fearless and knowledgeable leader Piet (nickname the all-knowing birding and bush master), […]

Ulovane Update: Trails Guides Week 4

15 Feb

Life as a trainee Trails Guide: Making Memories that will last a lifetime Ulovane update: Week four has come and gone with eventful sightings, exciting new experiences and knowledge to keep for a life time. We are all amazed on how fast time flies, especially when you’re in the bush and constantly active. We started […]

Ulovane update: November Marine Group Week 3

08 Dec

Life as a trainee Marine Guide: The circle of life! Ulovane update: The week started of with a snorkel at Cannon rocks and from there went to Kenton and saw some amazing marine life. After our diving escapades we headed back to camp where we started to prepare for our trip to Port Elizabeth with […]

Ulovane update: November Marine Guide group Week 2

02 Dec

Life as a trainee marine guide: Exploring unspoilt shorelines Ulovane update: The second week of our marine course has been amazing. It began with us spending Monday and Tuesday in the water at kenton which gave us awesome opportunity to see some of the smaller inhabitants of the marine environment, the highlights of which included […]