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Ulovane Update: Week 1 July Level one Group

15 Jul

Life as a trainee field guide: Making new friends, learning new things Ulovane update: One by one we arrived at Ulovane and met the people that would become our new family for the next ten weeks (for some a bit longer). Having unpacked our things and become familiar with the environment, we quickly bonded over […]

Ulovane Update: September Level One Group Week 6

10 Nov

Life as a trainee field guide: Improvise……. Ulovane Update. As we rolled into the 6th week of our training course, we kicked things off with our regular Monday madness exam which consisted of trees, flowers and grasses. Stress levels were through the roof as per usual but we managed to give it our best!! To […]

Ulovane Update: July 2014 Level Ones Week 1 & 2

21 Jul

Greetings from the Eastern Cape! We have a fully energised group of level ones in camp and all are rearing to go! Wonderful to have a group of young people full of lustre for life and a great sense of humour! Here are some of the experiences so far……….. Life as a trainee guide: The […]

Ulovane Update: April Level 1 group Week 6

28 May

Life as a trainee field guide: Week 6 The life of plants and an amazing Game Capture! Ulovane update: It’s not all about animals 24/7 when you are a field guide. The plants play a large part in what we do. Over this week our focus was on the plants, being grasses, trees and flowers. […]