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Ulovane Update: July level one Group Week 6

23 Aug

Life as a trainee Field Guide : Listening to the bushveld chorus is good for the soul Ulovane update: I would like to take this opportunity to thank our instructors, Kyle and Justin, as well as Schalk, Candice and everyone at Ulovane, “your guiding hand on my shoulder, will remain with me forever…” author unknown Monday morning […]

Ulovane update: April Level one Group Week 7

30 May

Life as a trainee Field Guide: Another week closer to our assessment game drives! Ulovane update: We started our Week at the Intaka campus, as guests rather than trainee guides. The Trails Guides had to do their assessment walks- and we were their victims. So in two groups we discovered the Kariega reserve on foot. […]

Ulovane update: September Trails Guide Week 5

04 Nov

Life as a trainee Trails Guide: Jungle Lane —-> BOOM! Ulovane update: Week 5 of Trails has come and gone and what a week its been. We had not one but two sleep outs and jungle lane to top it all off. Our first campout was on kariega east were piet introduced us to bird […]

Ulovane Update: Level one group Week 4

03 Aug
Lion tracks

Life as a trainee Field Guide: Enthusiasm is Key! Ulovane update: As the first rays of sunlight caught the frost firmly set across the plains below Ulovane, we knew two things: finally we would see some good weather and get a chance to defrost; and, ominously, that possibly the most complex theory test we’d face […]

Ulovane Update: Week 1 July Level one Group

15 Jul

Life as a trainee field guide: Making new friends, learning new things Ulovane update: One by one we arrived at Ulovane and met the people that would become our new family for the next ten weeks (for some a bit longer). Having unpacked our things and become familiar with the environment, we quickly bonded over […]