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Ulovane Update date: July level one group Week 3

Life as a trainee guide: Week 3 SLEEP OUTS ROCK! Ulovane Update: As we all sit down to cram for tomorrow’s Geology/Astronomy/Ecology exam, stress levels are high, but so are spirits. Bonds within the group are strengthening as we experience more each day together–with the occasional speed bump–still always resulting in good vibes at the […]

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We are proud conservationists – ARE YOU?

  WHAT IS A CONSERVATIONIST?  The general dictionary definition of conservation is ‘One that practices or advocates conservation, especially of natural resources. Conservationists are often described as ‘bunny huggers’ a strange term as I very rarely see people ‘hugging bunnies’. If you care about the environment and practice conservation this is often a label that […]

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