Unique and Valuble

14 Sep

”It would be a great injustice to be brief in sharing my appreciation for this place. Firstly, you can qualify to work in a sector that is constantly growing and changing. No matter where you work in the world – what you gain from Ulovane is unique and valuable. The environmental sector is under constant pressure and working in such an area secures a brighter future for it and those that depend on it. Protected areas need guides and rangers, who then depend upon guests for income. These guests can then be educated into supporting conservation causes.ย Without places like Ulovane, how else can this be achieved? Maintaining the relationship between people and the environment is crucial to protecting both.

The approach that Ulovane has towards education is in no way linear. It’s diverse. It’s being on a game drive at 4 am to find Lions. It’s sitting an exam in the morning and camping out under the stars the same night. It’s the finest details in the track of an elephant and watching dolphins swim alongside the boat you’re touring on. The growth of each student was made an obvious goal to me on the first day I arrived back in 2017. Guiding is a personal experience to everyone involved, and channeling a passion into a job isn’t always easy. What may be surprising is that some students don’t study at Ulovane only to become guides, they’re actually there just for the experience itself. Not only do you spend your time with the instructors, but you’ll also meet guides that work on neighboring reserves; providing the best insight into the industry that you can possibly get.

Not only do I have incredible memories from my time at Ulovane, but I’m lucky enough to have great friendships with the instructors. Both visits I’ve made have been wonderful, and I know they won’t be my last. If you’re in a position to spend time there, please don’t hesitate. It’s really an experience like no other, and Ulovane deserves all the support it needs to be here for the long run.”

Best wishes, totsiens ๐Ÿ™‚

Rosie White (2017 Apprentice Field Guide Course & 2019 Environmental Explorers Experience)