Thank you!

27 Sep

A special thanks has to go out to Justin, Shani, Piet, and Koen for helping us through the last 10 weeks and giving us the fantastic knowledge we have gained along the way. All the Jokes and life stories from you all kept us going and kept the spirits high although times got tough. Thank you to Mamma Joyce and Mamma Thabs for taking care of us! A very special Thank you to Tatum for being there for everyone as moral support and for managing the media, not only were you a support figure you became a fantastic friend to us all.

Thank you to Candice and Schalk without you we would not have been able to experience this great adventure and make our dreams come true.

From all of us, the 2018 January Field Guide Class Thank you all and we hope to continue to use the knowledge you have given us and to always have you special people in our lives going forward.

  • James Hallier (January 2018 One Year student)