Life Changing

05 Sep

My time at Ulovane was life-changing. I spent my entire student life interested in wildlife, getting a lot of information through books and research papers that allowed for a lot of facts to be stored in my head, but at Ulovane, I found a way to look at the world through different eyes. I managed to get a perspective that is impossible to read from a book. For that I have to thank all of the teachers that were with me during my stay there; their passion is contagious. Even after all of the time spent in the reserve seeing things like zebras quite often, every single one of them showed me a different way of looking at the same animal. Itโ€™s so exciting to be able to be constantly learning every single day of the course! By the end of the course, what I took away is that the more I learnt, the more excited I was to learn more, to be curious, and to respect and be ethical in that process. I would like to thank the Ulovane team for helping me in my journey.

Diogo Boa Alma