Amazing Experience

27 Sep

Guide and now ending in September as a Marine Guide. My heart is filled with both joy and grief that my time at Ulovane Environmental Training has come to an end. Joy on that I have gained so much knowledge and cannot wait to share it with the world and grief in that I leave the ones that have made an important impact in my life.

My journey started on the 8th of April where I walked into a familiar yet strange place. After a couple of weeks had gone by I settled in nicely and had made friends with all the students. The workload was a difficult task to keep up but by the end of 10 weeks, it all came in hand with me graduating as a field guide and 3rd in my Class. It was a heartfelt goodbye to many of the students but an awakening adventure to come.

After 3 weeks of holiday at home, the 7-week Trails Course begun. I was really nervous and had second thoughts about this course knowing I wasn’t prepared to encounter animals on foot. After some encouragement from the instructors and fellow pupils, I decided to continue. The experience was the best!! The early mornings and all the walking was worth it. Unfortunately, the girls of the course didn’t pass the ARH assessment but we know we will be back for that lion charge. This course taught me some mental challenges that I’m glad I was able to overcome and I learnt that I am capable of doing anything if I put my mind to it.

The final course to end off the 6 months was the Marine Guiding course. It’s amazing how much can be learnt in such a short time. This course makes you see the beach/ocean differently and opens your eyes to so much more.

To my fellow 3 students who have been on the journey with me since day one, fly and soar those wings of yours in following what you really desire and love. To Terence and Kristi who joined us for the Marine Course, thank you for the endless laughs and encouragement. I wish you all the best for the future and hope our paths cross soon for a catch-up.

To the Ulovane Team, as I write this blog with a heavy heart I am so happy and proud to have studied with you. There are no words to describe the feelings I have experienced while studying here for 6 months. I am beyond grateful to have experienced all that I have accomplished in these past 6 months. I thank you for the love, support, laughs, adventures, lessons, encouragement and always assisting the needs of the students. But most importantly I thank you for being my Ulovane family.

As we bid our farewells, go our different ways and leave the Ulovane gates, we leave behind the memories we shared, the footprints we walked and the people who had an impact on our lives but always knowing this will be our second home

Again I thank you Ulovane and wish you all the best of luck for the future.

“Today is the day! Your mountain is waiting… get on your way!”- Dr Seuss

Amber Tweedie (April 2018 1 year student)