Absolutely Amazing

14 Sep

First off I just want to say thank you again to everyone at Ulovane.

The experience that you’ll have at Ulovane is absolutely amazing and you’ll remember them for a long time. Like on guides when we went on a drive with Schalk and we saw the 2 lions mating and when they took a break the female all of a sudden got up and started walking straight toward us, I was on the tracker seat and had to climb over the bonnet to get into the vehicle and then had them mating right outside the vehicle and on trails when we had the one elephant family walk trough our campsite on the second night of our sleep-out, it took about 4 hours for all of them to go past and drink water and then leave again and I no one really slept during that period of time and then also finding not once but twice striped polecat tracks which was really amazing.

I feel that I have grown so much during both the courses, especially during the apprentice trails course, and with that, I have now found what I am really passionate about.

From that first game drive with Justin to my last walk with Pieter, I have enjoyed every second. From the food that Jacques makes, which is absolutely lovely, to the conversations we have in the classroom, to the incredible game drives on Amkahala, and the magic experiences on our trails guide walks.

  • Veer Bills (January 2020)