Nature Enthusiast Online Course

Nature Enthusiast Online Course

This online course is operated through the Ulovane E-Learning Portal.

If you are passionate about the natural environment and have a hunger to learn more about all it encompasses, but you have no desire to obtain a qualification for a career in guiding, then this option is for you!

This structured 10-week online course focuses on coaching and developing you the learner with the necessary knowledge, on all the components that an Apprentice Field Guide needs to master, excluding the guiding skills and practical assessment activities. Each week focuses on a specific set of outcomes and subjects which are evaluated at the end of each week.

The following subjects will be covered during the Nature Enthusiast Online course:

  • Geology and Astronomy
  • Climatology and Biomes
  • Ecology and Taxonomy
  • Plants
  • Arthropods and Fish
  • Birds
  • Mammals
  • Ethology (animal behavior), Conservation and Historical Human Habitation

There are weekly assignments and workbook sections that need to be completed and handed in (online) for marking each Sunday. These submissions will ensure that you are on track to write the national FGASA exam for your Nature Enthusiast Certificate, at the end of week 10. To successfully complete this online 10-week structured program, participants must have approximately 2 hours a day/14 hours a week available.

Should you reach the end of this course and feel the desire to practically implement the theory you have covered, our 4-week Environmental Explorer Experience is a fantastic extension to this certificate!

Alternatively, should you decide you want your FGASA Guiding Qualification, you can join the Online and On-site Apprentice Field Guide course, for 5 weeks, provided that you inform us of this decision at the end of week 7 of your Nature Enthusiast Certificate.

Included in this certificate:

  • All FGASA fees including:
    • Exam fees
    • Annual Subscription fees
    • Registration fees
    • Digital manual and workbook
    • Certification
  • Online support and interaction on the Ulovane e-learning platform, including:
    • Prepared lecture presentations.
    • Assignments
    • Interaction with other students and trainers on the Ulovane e-learning platform.


  • 24 August – 01 November 2020
  • 02 November 2020 – 31 January 2021
  • 22 February – 02 May 2021
  • 24 May – 01 August 2021
  • 23 August – 31 October 2021

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