Life at Ulovane, one eye opening experience after another

09 Jun
Tate Week 8 (15) Edit

As an Apprentice Field Guide student at Ulovane, I am astonished by the Thicket Biome and its natural richness in botany, animals, and birdlife. During the first 3 weeks of our 5-week practical course that we have been here, there has been a lot of learning mixed with many practical activities and generous great people. […]

Final Farewell from the April 2021 Apprentice Trails Guides

02 Jun

We’re huddled by the fire at bush braai (with Matthijs and Leon snoring next to us) and it’s 5.30 am, looking back on the last 7 weeks reminiscing, smiling, and thinking about all the amazing things we have experienced and achieved. It all started as 5 international strangers with a love for the great outdoors […]

Do one thing everyday that scares you!

25 May
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Ulovane Update: Trails Guide Blog Week 5&6 Jungle Lane Even if we are all nature enthusiasts and want to protect wildlife, handling a firearm and being able to shoot is a big component as a trails guide. There are 2 main reasons behind it: First of all, it is required by law in South Africa […]

How life at Ulovane can change your outlook on the ever-changing world!

11 May
Ulovane Update Week 4

It’s all about the little things… The best way I can think to summarise the past month at Ulovane is to say that it has been full of “little things”. Not “little” with regard to the extent of their importance, but in relation to how quickly these moments have passed, and yet, they have left […]

A journey of a thousand miles begins with one single step – Lao Izu

28 Apr
Elephant sighting on lookout sitting in a row

In the last couple of weeks, our in-house students have sure shown us that they are willing to give their all to achieve their dreams. Read on to hear all about it….. How to explain my journey up until today. What words should I use to describe to you this extraordinary experience? Let’s start at […]