Ulovane Update: Apprentice Field Guides Week 3

03 Nov

Apprentice Field Guides Week 3

Sheena is here to bring you her story on the adventures week three has brought for our group of October Apprentice Field guide students. Sheena is from Port Elizabeth, here in the Eastern Cape. She has travelled the world and worked as an au pair and on ships and various departments in the hospitality industry. Sheena is passionate about nature and the environment and wants to be able to share the knowledge and skills that she learns at Ulovane with her guests.

The start of week three brought us some much-needed rain and gave us a chance to get stuck into the theory part of our course.

We then spent the better part of the week out on game drives and walks, and we had the most amazing sightings. We have been so blessed with great weather and all the birds and animals have come out to give us a show!

We were so lucky to see three lions lounging around together; they are one of my favorites and I have fallen in love with one of the big brothers here!

I am an amateur birder, but I have to say I have been blown away by all the bright and beautiful as well as chatty birds we have here on Amakhala Game Reserve!

I was so lucky to see the Double-collared sunbird just this morning with its fantastic colors.

During one of our drives this week, we saw some buffalo as well as going into the history of Amakhala by learning about two historical sites located on the reserve, namely ‘Bushman’s grave’ and ‘Rooiwalle’, which gives us insight into the first inhabitants not only of Amakhala but even South Africa which is fascinating.

Thursday was a fun day where we did some botany projects, I made an insect and spider repellent for two of the guy’s rooms, for some spiders they have (till now they have not seen it again) made with lavender and blue bush in the shape of a wreath! Some other projects made by my teammates, were a bow and arrow, a broom as well a great walking stick. We used only materials we found on campus with many different uses. Nature is so innovative!


Friday we explored the reserve and saw some amazing herds of Plains Zebra as well as Eland and Oryx antelope who can be a bit elusive at times but it was a cool day and it brought out many animals and birds which can often not be seen if it’s very hot.

We ended week three off with our sustainable living project, where we planted a beautiful bed in front of the campus deck, with aloes and flowers we found around Ulovane Reserve. It was lovely to work as a group and get our hands dirty.

I am overwhelmed at this privilege to be on this course.


“None of us, including me, ever do great things. But we can all do small things, with great love, and together we can do something wonderful.” – Mother Teresa

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