Ulovane Update: July 2018 Field & Backup Trails Guides Week 2

23 Jul

Ulovane Updates: Field Guides

It has been a special week at Ulovane Environmental Training. After a hard weekend of first aid training the group is starting to really get to know each other and some strong friendships are emerging. As a group we have seen many spectacular sights on Amakhala Game Reserve, but none can top the cheetah sighting we saw. The male cheetah had just killed a black wildebeest and was beginning to feast on it as we arrived; it was spectacular to see as some members of the group had never seen a cheetah.

We also began driving the landrovers this week and there are some members in the group that have never driven a manual gearbox, so there were some nervous passengers. Practice makes perfect and in time, I am sure everyone will be pros!

We also got to celebrate one of our group members birthday on Friday – Happy Birthday Malibongwe!!! The group had a hard day cutting wood during our first day of sustainable living, but we are looking forward to the Pizzas that will come soon with the hard work.

It has been an exciting and sometimes overwhelming couple of weeks at Ulovane so far, but we are finding our feet and it has been wonderful to connect with nature, with like minded people!

  • Richard

(stunning photos by Noemie)

Ulovane Update: Backup Trails Guides

Week two is already over and we have started to get used to the feeling of being back in the bush and our home away from home.

The week started with the lecture we were all waiting for, how to give a bushwalk step by step because some of us are a bit uncertain and out of our comfort zone. After this lecture we tackled our mountain of the course, which is the .375 rifle, to practice for the big day of live rounds at the shooting range.

This week we had our first early morning and we set off to test our tracking abilities, we stumbled upon a herd of gemsbok with perfect timing as it was time for our lunch break, who else can say that their view during lunch in class would be a herd of gemsbok.

The day finally arrived, the one we were all dreading but also looked forward to, the day we head off to the shooting range and tested how high our adrenaline could go with the help of the .375 rifle. After everyone had their chance to see who could get it the closest to the middle we head off back to camp to calm our nerves before we took off for a afternoon walk which included an amazing sighting of the lions sunbathing and sleeping – how lucky are we!

Another of our walks, we set off to explore the basin to see what we could find and caught a glimpse of one of the male elephant bulls and adventured out to get a closer look at the friendly giant. Our busy week ended off with an adventure to find the two new additions on the reserve, the hippos. We were all expecting to look high and low but as we arrived to our starting point we saw our shy friends in the water, it was awesome to watch them very relaxed on the reserve! After our challenge to get a better look at our new friends we came upon the herd of elephants venturing out into the open for their afternoon snack – it was magic and the perfect way to end of an exciting week. This was yet another casual week in our classroom, the bush!

  • Julia

The best views comes after the hardest climb – unknown

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