Ulovane Update January Backup Trails Week 1

22 Jan

Welcome to our first Ulovane update for 2018! We have reverted back to our weekly updates on courses and you will then have an end of course Newsletter to look forward to at the end of each course. We hope that as always we are able to inspire and entertain you!

Ulovane update: January Backup Trails Guide course, week 1.

Coming Home

This week our 7-week backup trails guide course started and I can say that after the 10-week field guide course, our break in between felt way too long and I was very excited and happy to get back home. The beautiful sunrises, the call of the lions at 2am, the running monkeys at 6am (escaping with our rusks), the sensational sunset dinners…..I sure missed it all!

Our first week is all about rifle handling. We were all really looking forward to that and it is indeed very interesting and fun. Most of us have never even seen a rifle, let alone handle a rifle. SO to make sure we know what we are doing and that we are SAFE at all times we have be putting in long days of practice all week.

On Thursday we headed off to complete our PFTC rifle proficiency exam. The PFTC focuses on 3 main unit standards that enable us to competently use a rifle for business purposes in the eco-tourism industry. The three unit standards are; Use of a Rifle, use of a Rifle for business purposes and the Fire Arms Control Act. Very proud to say that all 6 of us made it through!

Trust and friendship is a big thing especially in this course, because in a weeks’ time one of us will have a rifle in their hand walking the rest of us through the bush as our instructors back up guide. Safety and respect are two other very important life lessons we will be going through during the course, respecting nature and wildlife and thereby ensuring their safety and ours. We will soon be entering their domain, armed with respect, safety, trust and friendship. I really can’t wait to be out in the wild again. Experience nature and all the fascinating things that are included in this environment.

Our project at Ulovane Campus over the next 7 weeks will be to complete what was started by the previous Back up Trails Guides and that is the pizza oven or much better known around campus as ‘Piet se Oven’. So watch this space for updates on our progress!

  • Jill Sielhorst

“Harmony is about bringing things into balance and knowing how to go from sunrise to sunset. Mother Nature teaches this to us, in so many ways, each and every day.” ― Jaeda DeWalt



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