Ulovane Update: April Field Guides final & May Marines Week 3

20 Jun

Ulovane Update: Field Guides

My journey with Ulovane has been a bit longer than 10 weeks but none the less these past 10 weeks have been the most exciting of all!

Our last 2 weeks have been filled with our assessment drives, our other summative assessments and final exams. As you can tell, it was an intense few days, but it also gave us some time to look back on the course and realise how much we have actually achieved and how we have grown as individuals and as a group. The assessment time taught us to work together as a team and we were really able to be there for one another during the stressful times.

From day one we jumped into the books and were hands on everyday for the full 10 weeks, gaining excessive knowledge and building confidence in ourselves everyday. Throughout these 10 weeks I’m sure we all surprised ourselves with different aspects of the course, be it driving a land cruiser full of people through muddy terrain or calling in on the radio for the first time or acing exams that really require hard work or even learning how to flip a pancake. All of these little things have built us to be stronger people and to help us believe in ourselves more than school ever could.

None of this would be possible without the Ulovane Team, no one could thank them enough for what they do for us on a daily basis but I would like to start by thanking them for all of the extra effort they put in and all the little things they do that go unnoticed but make everything work how they should.

My time here has made me appreciate the ‘small’ things in life, it’s given me time to just sit and appreciate the stars, get excited over new flowers I discovered, watch the sky melt as it sets every evening and rises every morning, breathe in the cold morning air and let it burn my chest, feel the compassion of those around me and learn to never take the little things for granted, because they’re not so little after all.

The last few days on campus have given us time to reflect and realise we might actually miss the early morning wake ups or the nights without electricity after cloudy days because all of these things were part of an absolutely life changing 10 weeks at Ulovane.

  • Tatum Pretorius

“When the spirit of nature touches us, our hearts turn into a butterfly!” – Mehmet Murat ildan

Ulovane Update: May Marine guides Week 3

This week started with a two-day class on Marine Invertebrates, which took us the better part of a day to complete, as it is a significantly large module. Following this class, we moved on to Reptiles, learning about turtle species found off the coast of southern Africa.

Wednesday opened with an exciting outing, with half of the group heading out to go deep-sea fishing off the coast of Port Alfred. JJ Lamprecht took home the prizes for both the largest fish caught, and the most fish caught. We all enjoyed the beautiful day on the boat!

Those Marines who were unable to go on the deep-sea fishing trip on Wednesday had a morning on the beach instead, and performed a mock Field Observation assessment, to prepare ourselves for the final exam. After the assessment, we enjoyed a lunch at a beachside restaurant, before going to join the group who had gone fishing.

Thursday was a reversal of the activities of the day before; those who were on the beach went fishing, and those who had a chance to go fishing did a day at the beach instead. Unfortunately, the winds were more extreme than expected, and the fishing trip had to be cut short, after a couple hours of fishing. However, most on the boat at least managed to catch a fish during that time. After the group met up again, we proceeded to Ocean Basket seafood restaurant, to celebrate Antonia ‘Noni’ Commichau’s 23rd birthday!

Friday was certainly an exciting day, as it was the graduation for the Field Guide Level 1s, who had been on their course for 10 weeks. A few of the Marines were invited to take part in a Game Drive on the afternoon, a chance to see Amakhala once more.

The pressure is on as we head in to our final week on Ulovane, with our Field Observation, Assessment walks and final theory exam to prepare for. Let’s end this course on a high!

  • Jordan McCullough and Antonia ‘Noni’ Commiechau

“Instructions for living a life. Pay attention. Be astonished. Tell about it.” – Mary Oliver

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